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2017 Aug 25

Blog Shortcode for YouTube

Simple YouTube embedding and controls.   Start/End at time [video] [video]   Seek button [video]
2015 Sep 19

Watch YouTube on MindSky

Did you know you can watch YouTube videos with MindSky? Just drop a YouTube address into MindSky (or enter it into the URL field of a note) and either... Shift-Click or Right-click and select "Open Link" ...and the video will show up. You can also pop it out into it&# [...]
2015 Sep 08

Quick Post

Use Quick Post to save text quickly and get on with your business. Thrown down a note and forget about it. Located at: mind.im/quick Append to an existing note by navigating to: mind.im/quick?NOTE_ID To find a note's numerical ID: Hold Shift and right-click on it Select &quo [...]
2013 Feb 01

Day & Night

Day-time? Try a brighter theme. Night-time or stormy? Try a darker theme. Look for   and  in the menu to alter the Writing Interface from dark to light. Appropriate adjustment can make things easy on your eyes and less distracting, ∴ encouraging more creative flow!

2013 Jan 30

Search tags

Search tags more specifically by beginning a search with " tag: ". [...]
2013 Jan 30

Remember to Delete

Remember to delete often! A clear space is a more creative space. [...]