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Updates Mar 2019

by โˆž

A few updates, small, brief, yet significant :)

  • Subtext nodes (info)
  • Adjustable line thickness (Account Options)
  • Collapsible/Expand node was also added some time ago (right-click >> Collapse)
  • A new way to attach nodes: Drag right-mouse-button  from parent to new child
  • Move map with right-mouse-button  (previously only left button) when appropriate. (This will make it easier for people using other node systems that rely on the right button - muscle memory can get confusing.)

I think these blogs need to be longer in order to display an appropriate preview. That may need to be fixed. So here's some filler text courtesy of the ipsum button...

Before rainbows, knowledges were only estimates. A mint of the gate is assumed to be a telltale temper. We can assume that any instance of a begonia can be construed as a weest scene.