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Art and music update

by โˆž
  • Piano
    • Completely redone
    • Real piano style
    • Fuller keyboard utilization
    • Change octaves
    • Characters on keys
    • Left and Right mouse clicking for faster mouse play
    • Relative sizing
    • Press ~ to cycle through preset sizes
    • Added some reverb to piano sound
    • Midi and Mouse play still have some quirks being worked out (wip)
    • Offline use (wip)
  • Paint / Draw
    • Add text
    • Offline use (wip)
  • Minor fixes
    • "Link helper" (shows when hovering links in editor)
      • Now positions properly again; an issue that arose with recent editor update.
      • Popout MindSky specific links fixed; ex.: "node:123" links go to nodes in the main window
    • Word count visible again in dark mode