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A few updates - Oct 2018

by โˆž


  • HUB - personal portals - http://hub.mind.im
  • Paint / Draw / Sketch
    • Popup and paint in a separate resizable window
      • Editor toolbar   >      >   
    • Paint in full screen (F11)
    • Insert into document
    • Repaint later
    • Export cropped
    • Drop images to paint on canvas (to-do: positioning)
    • Backdrop options (differs from "background" as it isn't part of the image)
    • More hotkeys
  • Editor
    • Significant upgrades to editor; mostly invisible
    • Added Form elements for sites and blogs
    • Title fixed when printing
    • Added templates
    • Additional format buttons such as subscript
    • New context-menu options, such as web search for text and paint for images
    • Added bullet list-style "none"
  • Login
    • Continue with Facebook (login with Facebook)
    • Account Options / Connections
  • Languages updated
  • Sites
    • Refinements pertaining to issues that arose when accessing invalid locations
    • Custom 404 Not Found
      • Publish a node with title beginning with "404", ex. "404 Not Found". Experimental and may change.
  • Piano - play piano.
    • Can be used together with "Record Audio" (alt+R) to record simple musical ideas.
    • More music production related features are being considered.