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What's New - Oct 2016


  • Searching
    • Slight UI update. Limit search within current dimension.
  • Websites
    • New Shortcode
      • ​[include id=] to include another published node. Include content, css, javascript, etc.
      • [music id=youtube_video_id] to put music on the page, with optional play/pause control.
      • [list] to list links to children.
    • New Special Nodes
      • Nodes beginning with [javascript], [css], or [head] are included in site <head>.
        (ex. "[javascript]" or "[javascript] hello")
    • Pull data from MindSky for AJAX. (see below)
    • Other refinements.


Websites: AJAX Data (experimental feature)

Pull data from MindSky for AJAX use with /nodedata.php?id=node_id. This means you can update website content by updating nodes on MindSky, whether the website is made with MindSky or hosted somewhere else.

Nodes must be A) on a dimension shared as a website/blog and B) published.

Example jQuery code:
$.get('https://mind.im/nodedata.php?id=42530', function(r){ alert(r) })

Example to get list of children in JSON:
$.get('https://mind.im/nodedata.php?children=1466', function(r){ alert(r) })