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2019 Mar 11

Updates Mar 2019

A few updates, small, brief, yet significant :) Subtext nodes (info) Adjustable line thickness (Account Options) Collapsible/Expand node was also added some time ago (right-click >> Collapse) A new way to attach nodes: Drag right-mouse-button  from parent to new child Mov [...]
2019 Jan 20

Updates Winter 2019

  Fixed an oops that caused nodes to hide themselves when visited by address (i.e. mind.im/#~12345) Fixed drag out from node issue in Firefox   Updated scrollbars for Firefox     [...]
2018 Oct 28

Art and music update

Piano Completely redone Real piano style Fuller keyboard utilization Change octaves Characters on keys Left and Right mouse clicking for faster mouse play Relative sizing Press ~ to cycle through preset sizes Added some reverb to piano sound Midi and Mouse play still have [...]
2018 Oct 15

A few updates - Oct 2018

  HUB - personal portals - http://hub.mind.im Paint / Draw / Sketch Popup and paint in a separate resizable window Editor toolbar   >      >    Paint in full screen (F11) Insert into document Repaint later [...]
2018 Aug 22

Grouping nodes

Group nodes from search results by selected "Here only" (nodes must be on the same page to be grouped) and then "Group". This will create a new parent node and attach all results to it. For example... Press F to begin a search. Type "date:today" (no quotes) [...]
2017 Aug 25

Blog Shortcode for YouTube

Simple YouTube embedding and controls.   Start/End at time [video] [video]   Seek button [video]