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2018 Oct 15

A few updates - Oct 2018

  HUB - personal portals - http://hub.mind.im Paint / Draw / Sketch Popup and paint in a separate resizable window Editor toolbar   >      >    Paint in full screen (F11) Insert into document Repaint later [...]
2018 Aug 22

Grouping nodes

Group nodes from search results by selected "Here only" (nodes must be on the same page to be grouped) and then "Group". This will create a new parent node and attach all results to it. For example... Press F to begin a search. Type "date:today" (no quotes) [...]
2017 Aug 25

Blog Shortcode for YouTube

Simple YouTube embedding and controls.   Start/End at time [video] [video]   Seek button [video]
2016 Oct 20

What's New - Oct 2016

  Searching ​Slight UI update. Limit search within current dimension. Websites New Shortcode ​[include id=] to include another published node. Include content, css, javascript, etc. [music id=youtube_video_id] to put music on the page, with optional play/pa [...]
2016 Jan 22

Set icons from map

2015 Nov 12

Pasted web address now automatically link and title where possible.